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Beate and Serge Klarsfeld

About Beate Klarsfeld
For many years Beate Klarsfeld - born Beate Kunzel in Berlin in 1939 - has carried out an impassioned, committed and fearless campaign to hunt down Nazi war criminals and bring them to justice. Golda Meir - a founder and fourth prime minister of the State of Israel - summed up the admiration of tens of thousands of people throughout the world for Beate Klarsfeld with the words: "Courage, conviction, compassion, decency, justice and self-sacrifice to the point of personal danger ... to Israel and the Jewish people Mrs Klarsfeld is a Woman of Valour - a title that has no peer in Jewish tradition."

About Serge Klarsfeld
Born in Bucharest, Serge Klarsfeld was just eight years old when his family was raided by the Gestapo. His father was killed at Auschwitz. An attorney and author, he is a leading historian on the fate of the Jews in France during World War II. Serge Klarsfeld has fought relentlessly to bring Nazi officials to justice. He has been praised as "a man who is deeply committed to justice, a tireless human rights advocate."

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The Trial of Klaus Barbie


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